Your Sexual Health

What is a STI?

An STI is any infection that is transmitted through intimate sexual contact (genital,oral,anal) These infections have been on the rise over the last number of years in Ireland. If untreated STI's are a major cause of infertility. Thankfully the vast majority of these infections can be easily treated and if diagnosed early do not cause any long-term complications.

What are the symptoms?

Many STI’s are asymptomatic and as a result you may not know that you have one. As a result, you can then pass it on to your partner. Symptoms vary depending on the infection however they include fever, discharge from the penis or vagina, itching, pain on passing urine, painful sexual intercourse and skin lesions.

Full STI Screen

How does the testing work?

The test takes around 30 minutes. STI screening involves a detailed history with a doctor who will decide what tests you require. You will then have bloods taken. A urine sample will also be collected in the surgery. Vaginal or penile swabs may also be required. The testing is quick and is not painful.

We test for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Gonorrhearhea. We will also examine for genital warts and herpes as appropriate.

What do I need to do to prepare?

You do not have to fast for your blood tests. You should not have passed urine for 3 hours prior to attending. For female patients you should not attend for screening during your period as it can affect your results.

When are results available?

Results are available within fourteen working days. You will be contacted by the doctor or nurse with the results of your tests. The method of contact will be discussed and agreed with you at your consultation. Your results will remain confidential and will only be available to you.

Treatment of STIs

Most STIs are easily treated. We offer a full range of treatment and follow up where necessary.

Ten Reasons To Get Tested

  1. Honestly, it's not that big a deal!

    STIs are very common. Even if nobody talks about it, it’s likely that least someone you know has had an STI at some point. STI’s are nothing to be embarrassed about. All it means is that you caught an infection that can be treated.

  2. Anyone can have STI-even you!

    A lot of STIs don’t carry any symptoms so it can be difficult to know if you actually have one. Just one episode of unprotected sex is enough to catch and STI.

  3. It's quick

    Getting tested will take about a 15-20 minute appointment, which is well worth it for the peace of mind you get!

  4. It's painless

    It is usually a blood and urine test, or sometimes a swab, which is completely painless.

  5. Your screening test and results are strictly confidential

  6. You'll feel way safer

    If you ever feel even a little bit worried that you may have caught something, getting tested is the only way to put your mind at rest, better to be safe than sorry!

  7. Protect your partner

    STIs can remain undetected for years and could be passed on to new or recent partners.

  8. It's a great way to build trust

    If you and your partner both get tested, a clean bill of health can be great for building trust especially at the start of a new relationship.

  9. STIs are curable and easily treated

  10. You’re saving yourself from some potential medical problems down the line

    If you treat STIs in time you save yourself the possibility of complications such as infertility or potentially serious medical problems.


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