Combined Antenatal Care: Maternity and Infant Care Scheme

Every woman who is pregnant and ordinarily resident in Ireland is entitled to maternity care under the Maternity and Infant Scheme. Ordinarily resident means you are living here or you intend to remain living here for at least one year.

The Maternity and Infant Care Scheme provides an agreed programme of care to all expectant mothers who are ordinarily resident in Ireland. This service is provided by a family doctor (GP) of your choice and a hospital obstetrician. You are entitled to this service even if you do not have a medical card.

The combined medical services are provided by your family doctor (GP) and a hospital obstetrician.

On your first pregnancy the GP provides an initial examination, if possible before 12 weeks, and a further 5 examinations during the pregnancy, which are alternated with visits to the maternity unit/hospital. The schedule of visits may be changed by your GP and/or hospital obstetrician, depending on your individual situation. For subsequent pregnancies you will have an initial examination and a further 6 examinations.

If you have a significant illness, e.g. diabetes or hypertension, you may have up to 5 additional visits to the GP.

Care for other illnesses which you may have at this time, but which are not related to your pregnancy, is not covered by the Scheme.

After the birth, the GP will examine the baby at 2 weeks and both mother and baby at 6 weeks.

Mothers are entitled to free inpatient and outpatient public hospital services in respect of the pregnancy and the birth and are not liable for any of the standard in-patient hospital charges.

If you are pregnant and wish to avail of combined antenatal care, contact the surgery to make an appointment and we will assist you in signing up for the scheme.

2 Week Baby Check

Congratulations, your new baby is now 2 weeks old and you can't imagine what the house was like before they arrived.

A scheduled 2 week development check is available for your baby under the 'Maternity and Infant Care Scheme'.

This is a good opportunity to discuss:

  • your baby's development needs
  • feeding issues
  • sleeping patterns or lack of sleep
  • hints and tips on winding and baby colic
  • any concerns or questions you may have regarding your new baby.

Book an appointment with the Nurse for your baby's 2 week check. Tel:045-528088

6 Week Mother & Baby Check

We combine the traditional 6 week baby check with the baby's first vaccinations when your baby is 2 months old.

Mother's Check Up

A full check-up following your pregnancy is carried out.

Depending on your pregnancy and delivery, we may need to carry out different tests and investigations; these will be tailored to your needs e.g.

  • Psychological Issues and Post Natal Depression
  • Blood Pressure
  • Height / Weight
  • Urine Analysis
  • Blood Tests
  • Wound Review
  • Breastfeeding Issues
  • Sleep Advice
Baby Checkup
  • The nurse checks the baby's weight and length and discusses any concerns or questions you may have.
  • The doctor carries out a full development checkup on your baby. This checks heart, lungs, development milestones, muscle tone and eye examination.
  • Information is given to you regarding your baby's recommended vaccine schedule.

Book an appointment for the Nurse for your 6 week Mother & Baby Check. Tel:045-528088

Baby Vaccines

Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting babies and children against certain diseases. The risks from having these diseases are far greater than the risk of any minor side effects from immunisation.

When your child is given a vaccine, their body responds by making antibodies, the same as if they had caught the disease but without getting sick. Their body then produces antibodies to destroy the vaccine and these stay in your child's body and protect them against the actual disease.

All your babys vaccines are available at Rathangan Medical Centre. We will provide you with up-to-date information and answer all your questions regarding the National Immunisation Programme.

For further information check out the national immunisation website.

Book an appointment for you baby’s vaccines with Nurse Roisin or Nurse Mary. Tel: 045528088